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Starting in 1965, I have put together an extensive collection of succulent plants and bulbs and having ceased to be a research scientist, now have more time to grow my plants and maintain this web site which I hope is of help to other enthusiasts. My particular interest is in South African plants, with the succulent genus Conophytum being the big favourite, followed closely by Haworthia and Gasteria. Among the bulbs, I have a penchant for Lachenalia, the Massonia group, Haemanthus and Strumaria. .

For about 17 years, I propagated conophytums and other South African bulbs and succulents on a modest scale for distribution by mail order, using lists that I mailed, Emailed, or posted on this site. I have now stopped this but I am continuing to propagate a few species. I will bring plants along when I give talks or when I am invited to sell plants at events. If you are coming to any of these then contact me in advance if there are any conos that you particularly want.

I do not have any lists of plants or seeds for sale, nor can I help with any "Wants" lists



New Book:- Secrets of Namaqualand Succulents by Florent Grenier

A French version of this book has already been published, but an English version is due to be released fairly soon (posted 3rd July, 2019). I have seen the French version and have read the text for the English version and I believe that this will be a very useful addition to the library of anyone interested in the succulent plants and bulbs of Namaqualand. It gives a wealth of background information on the plants that we love to grow and tells us about the different habitats, ecology, climate, etc. experienced by those plants. There is also much new information about pollinators and their intereactions with various species. Florent has spent a lot of time conducting research in Namaqualand and has accumulated lots of images which have been used to profusely illustrate the book, you would have problems finding other images of some of these species. I highly recommend the book and you can pre-order on Florent's website


My Lithops and Conophytum collection was filmed for the BBC Gardeners' World programme. They managed to visit just at the peak flowering time for the conos so plenty for the film crew to photograph. This material was included in the Gardener's World Number 30 programme on BBC2 at 21.00 on Friday 20th October, 2017. To see it on-line, it was on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnkoIYZdiRY but this episode now seems to be blocked by the BBC. If you can find it again, click on programme 30 (2017) and the mesemb piece is about 17 mins into the programme.

I have recently added a few more images to three of the galleries and also some conophytum articles that might be of interest. There are now images of 145 Conophytum taxa in the Gallery so not very many more to go. These pictures have all been taken of plants in my collection.

Many of the names used for Lachenalia and Polyxena (now lumped into Lachenalia) in my photo gallery have now changed as a result of the publication of Graham Duncan's magnum opus "The Genus Lachenalia". This a monster work that incorporates Graham's observations on the genus made over the last 30 years or so and is a must for everyone interested in the genus. The only downside is it's price.

Page updated 3rd July, 2019